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Dealing with Carex grasses

19th July 2020

Around 3 times a year, Carex grasses require some cutting back to keep a good visual structure. They tend to flop in a rather untidy manner leaving the centre crown much too opened. Cats in particular like to poo there.  

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Fuschia magellanica, sometimes not that great

30th October 2019

Grown close to a house can cause some non sense. The picture shows a Fuschia magellanica which has grown within the cavity wall of an old cottage, emerging through a window frame! 

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Bee Orchid, a remarkable beauty

10th June 2019

Usual leaf rosettes appeared around February time in a lawn which I've left untreated with fertlizer nor weedkiller for several years. As these rosettes looked like Orchids I've been cutting that lawn around each of them and the result is that …

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Cornus alba sibirica delight

24th April 2019

This is the right time to hard prune the Cornus species however a favourite of mine, Cornus alba sibirica variegata requires, in my view, a slightly different treatment. I like to keep the youngest stems from the previous year in order to get an…

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