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An ordinary shrub becomes a garden star

9th June 2018

This is how an Arbutus unedo pruned as a “cloud” last summer is slowing developing into an attractive focal point. This type of pruning uses a Japanese pruning technique. It is actually quite easy and great fun to re-shape a mature shrub (or a…

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Winter Display in a Border

5th December 2017

When all the herbaceous have died down in a border, the beauty of these Japanese Chrysanthemums are the joy of a December month. These spider form Chrysanthemums are the last to flower.  A symbol of longevity and rejuvenation in the Japanese…

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Rhododendron ponticum, a forest diversity threat

23rd October 2017

This pretty evergreen plant invades the lower tier of the forest, stopping any other plants growing because of the dense shade it creates. Useless to birds for nesting, the ponticum is not a source of food for the forest fauna either. It reduces…

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Meet Cydalima snugged in a web

2nd September 2017

Known to the Royal Horticultural Society as a new comer from Eastern Asia in 2011, this pest was reported established in London and the surrounding counties in 2016. The Box Tree caterpillar has, this August month, found its way to the Isle of…

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French pruning

9th May 2017

When I walk pass gardens, I constantly notice badly pruned shrubs.  Unless a shrub is purposely trimmed in a formal shape, the worse thing to do to a shrub is to trim it year after year with shears. You end up with extremely dense tips and bare…

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