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Fig Trees, a league of their own

31st March 2017

Fig Trees have an unusual fruiting sequence. They are the potential fruits that overwinter as embryo fruits then fruits that develop on new growth from spring. In United Kingdom, the warm weather is not long enough to allow any outdoor spring crop…

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Enjoying Hellebores

30th March 2017

At the time when not much is in full bloom in a garden, Christmas Roses are a special display, but…Hellebores commonly suffer from leaf spot which is a fungal infection badly affecting the appearance of this wonderful plant. Apart from using a…

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Honey fungus outbreak

12th November 2016

This Autumn is showing a prolific outbreak of Honey Fungus mushrooms in many gardens. Working in the South of England I constantly come across that disease in gardens. Normally when some shrubs are infected, after removing the plant, I dig a narrow…

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Evergreen shrubs early Autumn pruning

10th September 2016

I like to give evergreen shrubs a light pruning at the end of summer. Carrying out this clipping gives time for new shoots to harden up well before the winter. You can then enjoy a restrain but natural appearance of the shrubs until spring.

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About Geraniums

24th June 2016

After the first spring bloom, Geraniums can do with a little help. Cut them hard back. Water well. A second chance to show off these attractive leaves and a second chance to have a few more flowers.

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