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Enjoying Hellebores

30th March 2017

At the time when not much is in full bloom in a garden, Christmas Roses are a special display, but…Hellebores commonly suffer from leaf spot which is a fungal infection badly affecting the appearance of this wonderful plant. Apart from using a…

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Honey fungus outbreak

12th November 2016

This Autumn is showing a prolific outbreak of Honey Fungus mushrooms in many gardens. Working in the South of England I constantly come across that disease in gardens. Normally when some shrubs are infected, after removing the plant, I dig a narrow…

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Evergreen shrubs early Autumn pruning

10th September 2016

I like to give evergreen shrubs a light pruning at the end of summer. Carrying out this clipping gives time for new shoots to harden up well before the winter. You can then enjoy a restrain but natural appearance of the shrubs until spring.

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About Geraniums

24th June 2016

After the first spring bloom, Geraniums can do with a little help. Cut them hard back. Water well. A second chance to show off these attractive leaves and a second chance to have a few more flowers.

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Geranium maderense, sitting pretty

8th April 2016

I cut the leaves as they die back. The plant props itself up on the remaining leaf stalks preventing the familiar collapse of this top heavy Geranium.

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