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About Geraniums

24th June 2016

After the first spring bloom, Geraniums can do with a little help. Cut them hard back. Water well. A second chance to show off these attractive leaves and a second chance to have a few more flowers.

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Geranium maderense, sitting pretty

8th April 2016

I cut the leaves as they die back. The plant props itself up on the remaining leaf stalks preventing the familiar collapse of this top heavy Geranium.

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Stipa gigantea, spring clean

7th April 2016

After winter, grasses generally look quite unsightly. That’s the way I deal with Stipa gigantea. I brush the grass with a metal fan rake but not from the middle of the crown, from underneath the plant. The reason is, it can take out too much new…

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Pyrus salicifolia, managing the tree crown

23rd January 2016

Pyrus salicifolia gets incredibly dense year after year to the point of becoming an impenetrable obstacle in a garden. The rigid and prickly crown must be thinned out every 2 or 3 years in the winter, in order to keep this beautiful small tree as a…

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Thinning out is essential

13th January 2016

Winter time is ideal to inspect a tree crown and improve the frame shape. A weeping standard becomes quickly over crowded making the tree looking untidy as well as top heavy therefore susceptible to snap in strong winds. After removing crossing…

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