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Striming cannot kill a Cordyline

21st September 2015

Simply because a Cordyline is a monocotyledon therefore the trunk is packed with vascular bundles, and there is the proof I noticed in a client’s garden.

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Cloud shaping of an old Juniperus

5th September 2015

A year on, this old Juniperus is taking shape. The cloud formation is slowly thickening and growing in size. This plant has become quite a feature in the client’s garden, attracting interest and discussions. I prune it lightly once a month.

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Love the rosette of Echium pininana?

29th June 2015

Recently experimented with cutting the apical bud to trigger multi rosette growth. I wonder how big the flower stalks will be?

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A Juniperus got too wide

8th June 2015

The conifer was getting so wide that it was starting to obstruct the cottage front door therefore was to be dug out. Couldn’t miss the occasion and 2 hours later it was shaped into a future cloud pruned tree. The client initially not convinced at…

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Disarming encounter near a tree stump

18th May 2015

While the grandeur of gardening is being celebrated at Chelsea Flower Show in London, my mind is wandering about the kind of garden I’d like to showcase there… if I tripped into that little creature in a client’s garden. This is probably the last…

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