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the Yew tree make over

23rd March 2015

I had quite a day with this Yew tree… Let’s talk about what’s next. Can anybody guess? Yes, the bamboo frame has something to do with it. When you reach that stage it’s all done below and yes, a little drastic!  

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Make quick plant supports with Bamboos

21st March 2015

Bamboos can be a headache in a garden if you haven’t fitted a root barrier however this amazing plant can be used in so many applications. For example as a plant support, node locked against another node or node locked by a stem split. It lasts for…

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Tayori is more

18th March 2015

Tayori expresses the awakening to living things around us by meditation. Tayori is a fundamental notion taking place in Japanese pruning, an ancestral art form taking its roots in the Zen philosophy. Observing the striking beauty of these trees…

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Arundo donax, a new look!

15th March 2015

Amost all year round Arundo donax can look a little untidy. This is what I suggest as part as your garden spring clean. Remove the sheaths by cutting them with sharp secators, in a circular movement, just above a node. Control the cutting action…

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