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Make quick plant supports with Bamboos

21st March 2015

Bamboos can be a headache in a garden if you haven’t fitted a root barrier however this amazing plant can be used in so many applications. For example as a plant support, node locked against another node or node locked by a stem split. It lasts for…

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Tayori is more

18th March 2015

Tayori expresses the awakening to living things around us by meditation. Tayori is a fundamental notion taking place in Japanese pruning, an ancestral art form taking its roots in the Zen philosophy. Observing the striking beauty of these trees…

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Arundo donax, a new look!

15th March 2015

Amost all year round Arundo donax can look a little untidy. This is what I suggest as part as your garden spring clean. Remove the sheaths by cutting them with sharp secators, in a circular movement, just above a node. Control the cutting action…

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