Lawn Problems

We can help deal with all sorts of lawn problems, above there are some pictures of various lawn problems that can commonly occur, with some description below of the problem.

Above Slime Mould. Fungal infection. The white fruiting bodies can be clearly seen. 

Above ‘Festuca arundinacea’: As if the weeds weren’t bad enough, Festuca arundinacea has moved in too. Not great in a lawn. At the bottom left corner, a small clump of Poa annua keeps the Festuca company! My advice, get the fork and dig them out.

Above ‘Luzula campestris’: A nightmare weed in a lawn… Luzula campestris. I found it thriving in dry, acidic sandy soils. Difficult to blitz, the selective chemical weedkiller (SuperSelective Plus) was quite good at keeping it at bay. This product has now been withdrawn from the market (2015).

Above ‘Snow Mould’: Common disease in mild and wet conditions, some small yellowing patches appear in the lawn. The dying grasses are stuck together by a fine white or pinkish fungal growth hence the name of “snow mould” disease. It tends to be more common in poorly aerated or over-fertilized soil however I cannot back this. What I noticed in two occasions is that it appears in gardens surrounded by very high hedges where excessive moist conditions are prolonged by poor air flow. Remedial action if a course of fungicides spraying.

Above ‘Fertiliser Damage’: Lawn burnt by application of fertilizer. This is a very common mistake made when the fertilizer is applied by hand instead of using a mechanical spreader. Not much can be done at this stage apart from watering to dilute the fertilizer.

Above ‘Lawn damaged by cranefly larvaes’: Lawn damaged by cranefly larvaes. We stopped this infestation by 2 applications of chemical spraying as well as lawn fertilizer.

Above ‘Damages by rabbits’: Lawn under stress, suffering damages by rabbits droppings and urine. This happened on acidic sandy soil in Surrey (pH 5.2). We managed to improve that lawn by raising the pH over 1 year treatment with lime and 2 applications of slow release fertilizer. We can also recommend a good recipe for a rabbit casserole.