Garden Design

Garden design is closely related to architecture in the way that it is about organising and shaping space.

Unlike many garden designers I have many years of garden maintenance experience behind me therefore the gardens I design are gardens that last and will always be planted with the maintenance element in mind .

We can discuss your requirements from which i can work, taking into account not only your wish list but also important factors such as type of soil, aspect and surrounding. In general I will be recommending at least two design options.

The way it works has different levels such as:

  • An informal discussion on site which is normally not charged. However this may depend on the project location.
  • A chargeable basic drawing along with an estimate of work. The cost of drawing depends on the size of the project.
  • A full survey and drawing to scale with planting list that you can purchase from Vertopia with no obligation to go ahead with construction by us.

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